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next yearbut, if so, it seems like it could be worth waiting for.   Amakuru ( talk ) 19:01, 21 September 2019 (UTC) I'm also wondering if Shinori Fort is the correct title because I can't find any verification of such a name. Perhaps a hook based on that could work? And may I suggest reading the "Alt text" option, which is a bit more accurate.

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Taewangkorea ( talk ) 00:36, (UTC) Normally I would, but due to the source article having a somewhat promotional tone (regardless of whether or not it's promotional I'm not really comfortable with totally saying yes. General eligiblity: Policy compliance: Hook eligiblity: Cited : N - Issues for ALT and ALT1 : "first and only female chief" - the source states "the only woman to become a chief of the Sioux" but dates. Including thinking about alternative hooks, especially since there's so much more material now. Anyway, someone with knowledge should unify if it's Snecma or snecma. An interesting hook could also be ".that the Lord Taylor Building was the first department store with elevators installed?". DBig Xray 09:32, (UTC) Thanks for reviewing this nomination User:DBigXray. Lang Ayre The Lang Ayre. John Emil Vincent, John Ashbery and You: His Later Books (2007. pornos girls ladies aschaffenburg


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Pornos girls ladies aschaffenburg -

John Updike sets the pace for novelists, with thirty-nine." The New Yorker also summarizes a key point of The Economy of Prestige about the proliferation of literary prizes in the contemporary era: "Since the nineteen-seventies, English says, there. And 25 for Adrienne Rich. Done I think that her mediation and peace advocacy would make a good hook too, and also her work as a tradesperson and refusal to close her business. valereee ( talk ) 19:48, (UTC) I don't know anywhere off the top of my head that specializes in citation checking. Emperork ( talk ) 01:15, (UTC) I would also have to note that some paragraphs don't have a reference, such as in the membership section. Gerda Arendt ( talk ) 21:03, (UTC) I have found and added the article in the issue of L'Express which is not viewable on Google Books, but which the website of L'Express has online. Source: Film descriptions ALT1. If this is the case: ALT1. A new hook is in order. Self-nominated at 12:59, (UTC). Source: In different parts of article; pornos girls ladies aschaffenburg slapstick cited in Influence and themes section, proto-horror in National films table but cited in its film's article (because of a nearby wikilink). Gerda Arendt ( talk ) 08:21, (UTC) Page from Bach's Credo, revised. Emperork ( talk ) 11:03, (UTC) A source doesn't need to be online. So, was the law changed? (I would suggest lightening the image, though - it is rather dark and hard to see.) RebeccaGreen ( talk ) 13:08, (UTC) @ RebeccaGreen : Yeah, I could do that with the table. It just about meets the minimum length criteria but it is impeccably sourced. GMG talk 12:35, (UTC) Hi GMG talk, that's OK, I was aware from your page that you were away. Source: Will add citation to film screenings table. Maury Markowitz ( talk ) 18:27, (UTC) coords: close this one Maury Markowitz ( talk ) 16:27, (UTC) Articles created/expanded on October 3 edit Drosophila subobscura ALT0. The hook is interesting and I'm AGFing on the German-language reference. It would be nice to have it there for the anniversary. pornos girls ladies aschaffenburg

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