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possibly think. Its mission statement says the festival wants that pornography becomes actually stimulating, actually erotic and actually sexy, rather than enjoyable and erotic only in theory, unwatchable in reality. Insomnia, Alt Tempelhof 17-19D, 12099 Berlin. Très Bonjour, Torstraße 3, 10119 Berlin Other Nature Other Nature describes itself as a queer feminist sex shop and its particularity is that it mostly offers vegan products. They also host workshops because they believe that knowledge is sexy and that learning about sex is the best way to enjoy it more.


Croatian, Hrvtica, Zagreb Iana Bu;-). It is mostly visited by gay men, but strives to remain inclusive and open-minded. Schwules Museum, literally gay museum, was founded in the mid 80s and is dedicated to promoting lgbt life in Berlin. It has an extremely arty vibe and co-exists with Chris eponymous erotic photography project. This is a good look! If youre a hardcore. Ostgut, one of the first places to host gay sex and fetish events. Kitkat Club, Köpenicker Straße 76, 10179 Berlin. The party is only over when the last dancer leaves, and its not unusual for clubs to be open for three days straight. Everything is as expensive as it is tasteful, and I have to shed a tear every time I look at the shops window and remember I cannot afford anything that is on display. Not only does it book the best DJs in the world, it also has several dark rooms and fetish (inspired) clothing is the norm among its regular visitors. The third scenario is to go wearing the bare minimal, showing as much skin as possible. Some clubs have even taken to creating their stamps on entrance to say dont forget to go home, assuming you can still read by that point in the afternoon. You havent eaten or slept for days, but at least youve met some really special lifelong friends, right? Its specificity is that it mixes an uncompromising musical curation policy which strongly leans toward techno music with the atmosphere of an actual sex club. Berghain in Berlin's central clubbing institution Alberto Cabello/Flickr.

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